Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust

The schools within the Village Schools Partnership are all foundation schools within the ACCT. We work with our Foundation and Partner Schools : Appledore Primary,  Instow Primary, Northam Federation, (St George's Infant Northam, St Margaret's Junior Northam), St Mary’s Primary Bideford and Hartland Primary to deliver the best outcomes possible for our young people.

Children regularly have the chance to work together across the Trust in things like PE festivals and anti-bullying workshops and although our programme has been affected by the pandemic, we're very much enjoying getting back together and enriching the lives of the children we represent. 

Our teachers have been able to spend time with other trust teachers moderating and sharing literacy and numeracy work, early years expertise and continued professional development in foundation subjects. 

Our headteachers meet together regularly to plan strategy and offer mutual support.

Our Trust partners are the Atlantic Racquet Centre, the Northam Care Trust and the Braunton Learning Co-operative Trust. These organisations support our work and bring opportunities to our children which might not otherwise be available.

As a member of a Co-operative Trust, our work is underpinned by the Co-operative Values and Ethics:

Values: Democracy, Equality, Equity, Solidarity, Self- help & self – responsibility

Ethics: Openness Honesty Social responsibility Caring for Others





If you want find out more that take a look at the ACCT website